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Gamma amino butyric acid ( GABA )

Gamma amino butyric acid ( GABA )
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Appearance:pale yellow State:loose granular powder Taste and scent:Unique flavor,no odor


Gamma amino butyric acid (GABA)

Catalytically converted from glutamic acid through glutamate decarboxylase, GABA, a kind of natural non-protein amino acid, is an important neurotransmitter of the central nervous system for mammals. GABA can be found in our eye retinas and encephalon with high concentration. It also rarely exists in plant seeds germ, vegetables and fruits. As the glutamate decarboxylase in the rice embryo is more active, it is quite suitable for producing functional food rich in gamma amino butyric acid. Study has found that the rice embryo rich in GABA can suppress the increase of the high blood pressure, which sterling GABA and soybeans, wheat, tomatoes and bean sprouts rich in GABA cant do. Apart from the effect of GABA, the physiologically activity of the rice embryo rich in GABA results from the combination with other ingredients in the rice embryo. Therefore, the GABA extracted from the rice embryo will sure become the main raw material of medicines and functional food.


Effects of GABA

To exercise the brain and calm the nerves: GABA can effectively improve blood circulation, increase oxygen to the brain, adjust nerve cells in the supply of brain function and promote metabolism, exercising the brain and calming the nerves. To improve sleep: GABA can let the stimulate brain cells rest and restrain nerve cells to be over-excited, improving the sleep.To adjust blood pressure: GABA can boost the blood flow to the brain, increase the supply of oxygen to the brain and promote metabolism of the brain. On the other hand, vasomotor centre upon the medulla makes the blood pressure drop and suppresses the secretion of antidiuretic hormone, which strengthens the bodys physiological metabolism rate. Therefore, the dilation of blood vessels and reduction of blood pressure are achieved. To resist fatigue: GABA is to resist fatigue and improve sensitivity.To beautify: Through relaxing the tightened muscle nerve tissues, rapidly penetrating the skin, liberating wrinkles, fading fine threads and strengthening the muscles relaxation function, GABA can reduce ones pressure and beautify people. To promote the brain activity: GABA can promote the metabolism of oxygen and glucose in the brain tissue and promote the blood flow to the brain, improving phenomenon such as the headache, head heavy, fatigue, giddiness, tinnitus, and memory loss.To sooth discomfort: once the GABA within the human body is insufficient, symptoms such as anxiety, restlessness, fatigue, insomnia, dreaminess, labile pain and low resistance. High pressure groups such as athletes, the office workers and the students who suffer high study pressure are prone to lack GABA. So, timely supplementing GABA can effectively adjust ones mood and sooth discomfort. The good of GABA: GABA owns considerable benefits and utilities. What have been reported includes lowering blood pressure, reducing blood-fat, improving brain and liver functions, helping growth, memory and sleep, relieving pressure, objecting allergy and preventing dementia of the elderly. The latest research shows that it yet can promote the insulin secretion of pancreas and effectively ease and prevent diabetes.

Applications of GABA

The natural GABA has been internationally recognized as the 21st century's health supplements. Early in 2001, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan officially ranked GABA into food series. So did the Health Ministry in Taiwan. So far GABA has been very popular among the food industry. It has been applied to all kinds of tea beverages, dairy products, frozen food, wine, fermented food, bread, soup and other healthy and medical-treating food in Japan and some European countries. In beverages: Consumers' demand of natural, low-sugar, healthy beverages have promoted the rise of new varieties, so beverages such as functional drinks, tea drinks and juice with GABA in it will be more popular. For example, Coca Cola Company in Japan launched a kind of GABA functional drink with the effect of relaxing and anti-nervousness to the public in 2007. In dairy products:GABA strengthened dairy product is a kind of creative combination. GABA can further enhance the functions of the dairy products, meet more peoples requirement, and make them more competitive. With the rapid development of Chinese dairy products, the demand of the consumer will be higher and higher, which with no doubt will make the GABA strengthened dairy products become the most competitive dairy product in the dairy consumption market. In health products:GABA is not only advocated as green food and organic food ingredients in the 21st century, but also is the ideal senile disease prevention health food and medicine. To intake 30 ~ 100mg natural GABA each day can fulfill very ideal health care function. With small dosage, it can be matched to other plant extracts, producing all kinds of nutritional supplements such as capsules, soft capsules, tablets suitable for various consumers. In sports food:The fatigue resulted from the job, study and sports is a kind of physiological phenomena, which can be quickly eliminated by drinking some sports drinks contained adequate GABA, for GABA can satisfy the need of high intensity exercises. The flavor can be coffee and fruits and it is very popular in foreign countries.In the baked food:In recent years, the theme of green health has been put forward by some Europe, the United States and other developed countries in developing the baked food ingredients. Bread baking food has now become a worldwide public food. Bread with minimum GABA can effectively reduce the incidence of cardioascular disease while cookies and cakes with adequate GABA can be made into edible healthy food for the elderly or children.In fruit wine and health wine: More and more fruit wines such as wolfberry wine and green plum wine appeared in domestic market in recent years. As GABA has wide compatibility, fruit wines or health wines contained adequate GABA can satisfy more GABA consumers demand. For example, fruit with adequate GABA can be made into various medium-to-high grade wines for women, middle-aged, the elderly people and white-collar personage.

Gamma amino butyric acid ( GABA )

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